I often saw in the sky those lines for so many years. I didn't think they were bad until I started to read about them. The more I was reading the more I was stunned. Then I paid particular attention when I was looking up in the sky. I learned to spot them and tell the difference between a contrail and a chemtrail. The contrails will show the condensed vapor which transforms into small ice particles in the sky. They will show a trail for each jet engine on the airplane. A contrail may be visible depending of the altitude of the airplane, the humidity, the atmospheric pressure, and the wind present in high altitude. On the other hand, a chemtrail may contain some chemicals such as barium. Chemicals may be released from different points of the airplane such as the tail, under the flap holders. When you spot a 2 jet engines airplane with more then 2 trails following the plane, chances are you are seeing a chemtrail. Many questions have been raised on the subject. Why are we sprayed on? Such question may be answered different ways.

One of the theories consists of spraying the sky to create a grid for the HAARP waves. This would control the weather patterns. Another theory consists of spraying chemicals in the sky to make the population sick. Some reported that Influenza strains have been found in chemtrails. The third theory is about some experiments being done to create radar interferences. No matter what they are spraying, these chemicals are highly dangerous for health.

Who ever is responsible for this, has no respect for the well being of our planet. More and more people are reacting and taking stands. The following video clip shows you the results of the chemtrails.

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