In my recent trip in Quebec, I was asked many questions about UFOs. One of the questions was “How can I see UFOs in broad day light? I have found a simple way to observe them.

First you will need a video camera with a zoom. Some digital cameras might be as good as long you can zoom in. You will also need an infra red filter to remove the infra red portion of the video. The result will give you green images. You can use a neutralizing filter to make your imaging from green to black and white. The use of a tripod is recommended.

On this video here, you will see how to position yourself to be able to catch some UFOs with your camera. I suggest you get behind big object to block the sun. Warning! Do NOT aim your camera directly to the sun. Even if your camera has a filter installed, you will damage your camera. If you are not sure, view the video clip again to make sure you understand the positioning of the camera.

Once you are in position, you will see many things flying around. Be patient and you should be able to see a UFO shaped object once you are zoomed in. During spring and summer time, you will get to see bugs. The ideal time for this would be between November and March for the northern hemisphere, and from March to November for the southern hemisphere. This way you will avoid the bugs flying around..

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