The HAARP Project in its original version is known as the High frequency Active Auroral Research Program. A long name for something that can be harmful to people and our planet. It is located north east of Anchorage, Alaska.

This installation acts like the opposite of a radio telescope. The HAARP project is a very high-powered radio transmission research facility originally operated by the US Navy. It’s been recently assigned to the oil company Exxon. This means it transmits over 3600 kilowatts radio waves into the ionosphere about 200 kilometers above the earth.

According the U.S. Army, this project was designed to study the ionosphere. It is also an advanced communication system able to communicate with submarines, underground facilities.It’s been mentioned that it could be used for national defense.

Let’s take a closer look. Imagine someone using a microwave oven to cook some food. To many, this is normal. Now, HAARP acts the same. It sends very powerful waves into the upper atmosphere. Can you imagine the consequences of such waves on people and the environment? Little by little we are being cooked!

It is also possible to modify weather by modifying upper atmosphere patterns. Why modify the weather when the earth is doing it on its own naturally? There could be political reasons.

It is possible to tap into brain waves by sending powerful waves within a certain frequency range to override the natural brain wave process. This is called mind control.

The HAARP facility produces a very complex sound wave that can be heard from far away. It also has the capability to produce some powerful low frequency waves. These waves may cause earthquakes.

There are more things going on than simple atmospheric analysis and science up there. We are here on earth to learn about unconditional love. The world must realize that planet Earth is our home, so why trying to destroy it?


    I spent more then 20 years in a electronics. Over the years i came across a few things that was supposed to be impossible. Well i know they are possible.

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