Albert Einstein in 1913, beginning with his theory of Relativity (E=MC Squared), was into the idea of an energy field containing everything within itself, throughout the universe. He continued on toward a Unified Field Theory to mathematically explain things at a more complete level. He and other scientists and academics wanted to explain that universal unseen field of energy which permeates all space including within and between atoms. That energy field has been most commonly described in recent times as Zero Point Field Energy.

Nicola Tesla, from 1903 until the 1970’s was the only person who had completely understood the nature of that field, as the universal source of energy. Before1903 he began a series of experiments which led him to his complete understanding of the nature of Zero Point Energy. He learned how to access it properly, and convert it efficiently into usable electrical energy. He announced at that time that he could provide the world with the means to produce unlimited amounts of free electrical energy. Needless to say, none of his further free energy achievements were publicly announced or published in the general media thereafter. The big boys in the energy business made sure of that. (John D. Rockefeller and J. P. Morgan). Zero Point Energy was deliberately and completely suppressed from that point forward. Tesla had been careful not to describe it in simple terms for fear of turning it loose on a bunch of greedy industrialists of his time.

Zero Point Energy Described & Explained

In the 1970’s Don Smith, a very capable Electrical Engineer repeated and studied a series of Tesla’s free energy devices to a complete level of understanding. Don’s findings and numerous further experiments led to his invention of a series of simple and workable free energy devices.

When Don Smith explained the true nature of the Zero Point Energy field, he suggested that electrical theory as taught at all levels up to that time was seriously wrong in key areas.

What Don Smith had proven was that the Zero Point Energy Field is really a Magnetic Field, and not an electromagnetic field.

Pyramids and other geometric forms and certain combination of minerals with magnetic characteristics function as concentrators and projectors of Zero Point Energy. It is further interesting to note that geometry is also applied in radio antennas to pick up those electromagnetic waves more efficiently.

The carefully proportioned core elements of the Nano Wand and the Quantum Pendant behave similarly, enabling those devices to concentrate and also to focus or project Zero Point Energy.

As demonstrated with pyramids, Zero Point Energy is a healing energy, which resists and destroys bacteria and spoilage. A compass placed inside a base corner of a pyramid will spin its needle, rather than pointing it to the North. That also indicates that Zero Point Energy is a more refined multi-dimensional form of magnetic energy which is holographic, and not directional.

The NANO WAND and certain characteristically related devices are concentrators, radiators and projectors of Zero Point Energy. Also, as has been said before, Zero Point Energy is the basic energy source motivating, sustaining and regenerating all life forms.

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The HAARP Project in its original version is known as the High frequency Active Auroral Research Program. A long name for something that can be harmful to people and our planet. It is located north east of Anchorage, Alaska.

This installation acts like the opposite of a radio telescope. The HAARP project is a very high-powered radio transmission research facility originally operated by the US Navy. It’s been recently assigned to the oil company Exxon. This means it transmits over 3600 kilowatts radio waves into the ionosphere about 200 kilometers above the earth.

According the U.S. Army, this project was designed to study the ionosphere. It is also an advanced communication system able to communicate with submarines, underground facilities.It’s been mentioned that it could be used for national defense.

Let’s take a closer look. Imagine someone using a microwave oven to cook some food. To many, this is normal. Now, HAARP acts the same. It sends very powerful waves into the upper atmosphere. Can you imagine the consequences of such waves on people and the environment? Little by little we are being cooked!

It is also possible to modify weather by modifying upper atmosphere patterns. Why modify the weather when the earth is doing it on its own naturally? There could be political reasons.

It is possible to tap into brain waves by sending powerful waves within a certain frequency range to override the natural brain wave process. This is called mind control.

The HAARP facility produces a very complex sound wave that can be heard from far away. It also has the capability to produce some powerful low frequency waves. These waves may cause earthquakes.

There are more things going on than simple atmospheric analysis and science up there. We are here on earth to learn about unconditional love. The world must realize that planet Earth is our home, so why trying to destroy it?
  I often saw in the sky those lines for so many years. I didn't think they were bad until I started to read about them. The more I was reading the more I was stunned. Then I paid particular attention when I was looking up in the sky. I learned to spot them and tell the difference between a contrail and a chemtrail. The contrails will show the condensed vapor which transforms into small ice particles in the sky. They will show a trail for each jet engine on the airplane. A contrail may be visible depending of the altitude of the airplane, the humidity, the atmospheric pressure, and the wind present in high altitude. On the other hand, a chemtrail may contain some chemicals such as barium. Chemicals may be released from different points of the airplane such as the tail, under the flap holders. When you spot a 2 jet engines airplane with more then 2 trails following the plane, chances are you are seeing a chemtrail. Many questions have been raised on the subject. Why are we sprayed on? Such question may be answered different ways.

One of the theories consists of spraying the sky to create a grid for the HAARP waves. This would control the weather patterns. Another theory consists of spraying chemicals in the sky to make the population sick. Some reported that Influenza strains have been found in chemtrails. The third theory is about some experiments being done to create radar interferences. No matter what they are spraying, these chemicals are highly dangerous for health.

Who ever is responsible for this, has no respect for the well being of our planet. More and more people are reacting and taking stands. The following video clip shows you the results of the chemtrails.

In my recent trip in Quebec, I was asked many questions about UFOs. One of the questions was “How can I see UFOs in broad day light? I have found a simple way to observe them.

First you will need a video camera with a zoom. Some digital cameras might be as good as long you can zoom in. You will also need an infra red filter to remove the infra red portion of the video. The result will give you green images. You can use a neutralizing filter to make your imaging from green to black and white. The use of a tripod is recommended.

On this video here, you will see how to position yourself to be able to catch some UFOs with your camera. I suggest you get behind big object to block the sun. Warning! Do NOT aim your camera directly to the sun. Even if your camera has a filter installed, you will damage your camera. If you are not sure, view the video clip again to make sure you understand the positioning of the camera.

Once you are in position, you will see many things flying around. Be patient and you should be able to see a UFO shaped object once you are zoomed in. During spring and summer time, you will get to see bugs. The ideal time for this would be between November and March for the northern hemisphere, and from March to November for the southern hemisphere. This way you will avoid the bugs flying around..


    I spent more then 20 years in a electronics. Over the years i came across a few things that was supposed to be impossible. Well i know they are possible.

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